Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Is NASA Lying About the Moon?

Is NASA lying about the Moon? 'A triangular monument' has been found on the Moon. What's going on?
AN ALIEN monument discovered on the Moon could be evidence NASA has deceived the entire world about what is on the Moon, conspiracy theorists have shockingly claimed.

When NASA’s Neil Armstrong set foot on the Moon on July 20, 1969, the lunar orb’s barren landscape was broadcast live to the world. UFO hunters and flat Earth theorist are, however, convinced there are artificial structures on the Moon. One such conspiracist is YouTuber Donald Wilson, known as Donny of Daytona, who believes he discovered a “triangular monument” on the Moon. In a conspiracy video exposing “the great deception”, Mr Wilson said he found a number of lunar structures “which shouldn’t be there”. Read more

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Malicious Cases of Violent Hauntings

Brent Swancer shares accounts of violent hauntings by malicious spirits.
Hauntings of any kind are already scary enough as it is. No one wants to runs into a ghost or other apparition, and even when the paranormal activity itself is rather innocuous it can be a jolting experience that can scare and baffle. Yet some cases take it all up a notch, to evolve into something far beyond just creepy or eerie, to become infused with violence and malicious intent, and launch themselves into the realm of truly scary encounters. Here is a selection of some of the most intense and violent sinister hauntings there are, involving paranormal forces reaching out with intent to harm and maim. Read more

Thursday, February 21, 2019

A Teleportation Spell

Teleportation involves making an an object or person disappear from one location and reappear at another. Teleporttion is a proven fact, which seems tot work because of quantum entanglement. If true,this would place a limitation on teleportation: you would only be able to teleport to a place you have previously been physically. However, there are cases of people spontaneously teleporting to locations they had never visited before, so maybe quantum entanglement is not the explanation for human teleportation.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

NASA Cut ISS Feed When Anomalies Appeared Durring Discovery Mission

When anomalous objects appeared on the International Space Station live feed, NASA responded by cutting the feed.
NASA cut the International Space Station live feed during their Discovery mission in what has been dubbed “the most important UFO footage ever” by a conspiracy theorist speaking in a documentary. Read more

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Planet of the Apes? Chimps Build Ladder and Escape From Zoo

Is Planet of the Apes becoming a reality?  Chimps in a Belfast zoo built a ladder and escaped.
They saw an opportunity and they seized it, set it up, then scaled it.

Some enterprising chimpanzees at the Belfast Zoo in Northern Ireland's capital, propped a tree branch against the wall of their enclosure Saturday to make an improvised, yet sturdy, ladder.

"Don't escape, you bad little gorilla," a child chimed in as stunned zoo visitors filmed the breakout. (She was right about the absconding, if not the actual animal). Two chimpanzees manage to make it to the top of the wall as a third attempts to scramble up and join them. One perched above scurries away. The child repeats with more urgency, "Mom, it's escaping!"  Read more

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

How tto Bind a Man's Nature to Keep Him Faithful

If you have an unfaithful partner, here's how to tie up his nature to keep him faithful.
Hello Everyone,

Just the other evening I had fun watching a Mae West movie titled “Belle of the Nineties”, in one scene Mae West goes to the balcony and sees her maid Libby with binoculars watching someone, asking Libby what is she doing Libby’s says “I’m watchin’ ma man, he may cheat on gamblin’ but he don’t cheat on me!”

Then I checked my comments section of my blog and I immediately found 6 comments from different ladies all asking the same thing----- Read more

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Explanations for the Shadow People Phenomenon

Shadow people are a widely reported paranormal phenomenon. Is it just the mind playing tricks, or something more?
There's a growing interest in the phenomenon of shadow people. What are they? Ghosts? Inter-dimensional beings? Time travelers? Something else?
You were reading, sitting comfortably on your sofa in the dim light when some movement across the room caught your attention. It seemed dark and shadowy, but there was nothing there. You returned to your reading—and a moment later there it was again. You looked up quickly this time and saw the fleeting but distinctly human shape of the shadow pass quickly over the far wall—and disappear.

What was that? Read more

Thursday, February 7, 2019

How to Spy on People Using Astral Projection

If you can astrral project, this guide reveals how to use that ability to spy on people/
You may be curious to find out whether or not it’s possible to spy on others – or to be spied on yourself – during astral projection. The answers vary from source to source, but all we know is that you wouldn’t be the first one asking this question.

In fact, many others, including very powerful government organizations, like the CIA, have asked the very same thing. Of course, the American government gaining access to Soviet army sites is a little different from you spying on your girlfriend’s alleged “slumber party” (we don’t recommend you do this by the way). Read more

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Witchcraft and Love Magic in the Ozark Mountains Old-fashioned Love Spells

Id you're looking for love, rry these traditional love spells from the Ozark Mountain region of the U.S.
Most people who have seen the old television comedy “The Beverly Hillbillies” have no idea about some of the little grains of truth in the show. The show’s creator, Paul Henning, was a native Missourian who was clearly very familiar with the area and the people of the Ozark Mountain region. On the show, the Clampetts make visits to such locations as Silver Dollar City, Springfield and Joplin, Missouri.Read more

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Fragments of Ancient Manuscript About Merlin Have Been Discovered

Of course the 13th century is about seven centuries after King Arthur lived and about when the Arthurian romances began to be written. The fragments probably have more literary than historical significance.
A lucky discovery in a rare book has the potential to transform our knowledge of perhaps the most famous story from the entire Middle Ages. Some damaged manuscript pages found inside the volume are from the 13th century and they narrate the adventures of Merlin the magician, a key figure in the legendary tales of King Arthur and Camelot. The find is an astounding one and it is already changing our understanding of the Arthurian myths and legends. Read more