Thursday, March 14, 2019

The Elixir of Youth: A Powerful Spell for Regaining a Youthful Appearance

Most of us don't mind being older; we just don't like looking older. Why should only the rich or people with "good" genes get to look good? You deserve to look good and be admired by others just as much as they do. The Elixir of Youth is a powerful spell for regaining your youthful appearance.

You will need the following items for the spell: a glass of water, a saucer, a white candle, and a photo of yourself at the age you want to appear to be (Think carefully about this: if you're 50 years old, do you really want to look like a 20-year old?)

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Great Sphinx Riddle: Evidence of HIDDEN DOOR Beneath Legendary Monument Revealed

What does the hidden door beneath the Sphinx lead to?
According to the historian, there is something hidden underneath the Great Sphinx, and an ancient stele that was removed from there in the 19th century may help solve this mystery.
Matt Sibson, an historian and the person behind the “Ancient Architects” YouTube channel, has announced a surprising discovery which may hint at an ancient mystery related to one of the most famous monuments of Ancient Egypt – the Great Sphinx of Giza. Read more

Saturday, March 9, 2019

What Did Apollo 11 Moon Landing Discover During Two Minutes of Silence?

What did Apollo 11 discover during lost two minutes of silence?
NASA’S Apollo 11 crew achieved the first manned Moon landing in 1969 but there are some researchers who question whether NASA has told the entire truth about the landing. Here is what some believe happened during two mysterious minutes when Apollo 11 went radio-silent. Read more

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Mental Influence

What is the difference between telepathy and mental influence? Telepathy is the communication between two minds. In telepathy, the sender knows that he is sending a message to somebody, and the receiver also knows that he is receiving a message from someone. However, in mental influence only the sender knows that he is sending a message to somebody. When the receiver receives the message, he thinks that it is his own thought. That's is the basic difference between telepathy and mental influence. Mental influence is one-way telepathic communication.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Jeff Bezos Wants a Trillion People to Live in Space

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos wants a trillion people to live in space.
When you have more money than God, what’s next? What could the man who has everything possibly want? Well, transforming humanity into a space-faring civilization, and the immortality that comes with it, seems a likely bet and that looks like the direction many of these billionaires want to go. Amazon founder and Lex Luthor doppelganger Jeff Bezos recently spoke at a members-only event at New York’s Yale Club about his space colonization ambitions with his company Blue Origin. At the event, Bezos described his vision for the future which, according to him, would see one trillion humans living in space, a society of “thousands of Mozarts and Einsteins,” and an Earth whose natural beauty and environment has been preserved by moving heavy industries off-world. Read more