Thursday, August 30, 2018

How to Know What /ype of Spirit Is Haunting Your House

Ghost are not what you think! Stargirl reveals the four most common types of spirits found haunting houses and how to know which type is haunting yours.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Which Divination Method Is Right for You?

 Which divination method is right for you? Here are five you should consider.
Divination is one of the most-practiced branches of magick. Even non-magickal folks will sometimes flip a coin to make a decision, or crack open a fortune cookie with more than idle curiosity. As a student of the magickal arts, it's likely that you dabbled in divination as one of your first forays into the Mysteries. Skillful divination puts you in touch with both your inner knowing and external wisdom that will help you along your path.

But many beginners ask the question, Where do I start? How do I navigate the maze of stones and bones and cards and tea leaves and other options confronting me? In this article, I'll discuss five common methods of divination: Pendulums, scrying, Runes, Tarot, and freestyle reading. I'll then put on my Professor Trelawney glasses and peer into your soul to recommend the best method for you. Each recommendation is based on your skills and proclivities--and just for fun, your star sign. Read more

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Alien Abductee Running for Congress Is Endorsed by Miami Herald

A candidate for Congress in Florida claims to be an alien abductee.
We live in an era where it seems that nothing a politician says or does has a predictable effect on his or her campaign, electability, poll numbers or performance in office. And that’s not limited to Washington either. In Florida (OK, it’s kind of a muggier Washington with alligators), a candidate for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives confirmed last October that stories saying she had been abducted by aliens as a child were true, as were statements that she communicated with them telepathically throughout her life. Those admissions didn’t knock her out of the race. Instead, this week the Miami Herald announced it was endorsing her for the job – citing her experience as an office holder and a businesswoman while admitting to and then dismissing her abduction story as a “non-issue.” Should it be an issue? Read more

Thursday, August 23, 2018

The Poltergeist

Rick Hale examines the poltergeist phenomenon and offers a theory to explain the cause.
In 355 CE, a curious string of events was occurring at a farm in a small village in Germany. The events began innocently enough with strange knocks in the night. As time went on, the occurrences became more violent in nature. Kitchenware was tossed around the kitchen, and the knocks turned into what sounded like a dozen sledgehammers pounding the walls in a deafening chorus. The family was terrified, believing that their home was being invaded by demons hell-bent on ruining their lives.

1500 CE, Remy a self, described witch hunter and demon fighter described a similar story in the house of a wealthy merchant. One difference was the “demons” pelted family members with rocks thrown by an unseen agent. Again the Prince of Darkness and his minions were to blame. Read more

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Scientists May Have Evidence of Universes That Existed Before Our Own

Scientists may have evidence of universes that existed before our own universe. This would tend to confirm ancient Hindu cosmology about the cycle of universes.
Are we living in the only universe? If you believe like many that we reside in a multiverse, then answer this question: do we live in the FIRST universe? If that’s too big of a query to wrap your brain around, here’s a little help from an esteemed mathematician, with a little more help from the beyond in the form of Stephen Hawking, who thinks the answer lies in black holes: Read more

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Astronaut Helps Treasure Hunter Locate Alien Spacecraft

With help from a  NASA astronaut,a  treasure hunter says he may have found an alien space ship off Florida's coast.
Is there a giant alien spaceship sitting on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean off Florida’s east coast?

Treasure hunter Darrell Miklos thinks so. And so, apparently, may former NASA astronaut Gordon Cooper.

Miklos hosts “Cooper’s Treasure,” a reality show on Discovery channel. The show is based on searching for shipwrecks and other unusual items on Earth that Cooper saw from space and charted on maps he made. Read more

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Apocalypse by 2040?

An MIT computer model predicts the end date for civilization.
A COMPUTER MODEL developed in 1973 by a team of MIT researchers has predicted the "end of civilised life as we know it" by 2040, with a major change coming in 2020 - just two years away from now.

An apocalyptic computer model, processed by one of the world's largest computers in 1973, has predicted the end of civilization by 2040. Read more

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Teleportation Portal

This method of teleportation is taken without credit from the Wingmakers material, which admittedly can be a little difficult to sort through. They have been online for twenty years, though.

Whenever you practice teleportation, always prepare yourself as if you will actually go to the place you're intending to go - be dressed, have your house keys, wallet or purse, etc. Your teleportation experiment will likely come to a bad end if you suddenly appear in public in your underwear with no money, no ID, and no way to get into your house if you do manage to make it back there.

Step One Charge your physical body with energy.

Step Two Then close your eyes and see your visual body standing in front of you.Read more

Thursday, August 9, 2018

11 Ways to Raise Your Vibrations

If you're feeling dragged down by negative energy, here are eleven ways to raise your vibrations.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Strange Humanoid Figure Filmed Stalking a Moose in Canada

Of course, a "strange humanoid figure" stalking a moose could just be a Canadian. If it was, at least it was an unusual Canadian.
Listen, it’s easy to laugh at moose. They’re goofy. Big spindly legs and ridiculous antlers looking like busted up satellite dishes stuck to their giant adorable faces, moose are supremely silly looking animals, it’s true. Rocky and Bullwinkle didn’t help either. But despite the laughter you can get simply by looking at a moose face, they’re one of the most dangerous animals in North America. Moose are responsible for more attacks on humans than bears and wolves combined, and when presented with an opportunity, moose will happily stomp any predator dumb enough to try for some moose meat. If I had to make a list of the animals I’d be OK with meeting in a dark alley, there’s a solid chance the a moose would be at the very bottom of that list. That is, unless this new footage out of Quebec turns out to be real. Read more

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Physicists Claim the Great Pyramid of Giza Focuses Electromagnetic Energy

This is not an entirely new claim, but more study is always welcome.
The Great Pyramid of Giza remains one of the world’s most enduring sources of mystery. For thousands of years, the Great Pyramid has stood in the desert of what is now El Giza, Egypt to serve as a monument to the ingenuity and technical prowess of its builders. After its construction, the Great Pyramid bore the distinction of the world’s tallest man-made structure for close to 4,000 years. Not bad for an oversized mortuary. Read more

Thursday, August 2, 2018

On the Trail of Florida’s Bigfoot - the Skunk Ape

 The Smithsonian joins the search for Florida's Bigfoot - the skunk ape.
The first time Dave Shealy saw a skunk ape, he says, he was ten years old. It was 1974, a few years after his father had come upon a set of footprints left by the creature—an Everglades version of Bigfoot named for its supposedly pungent odor. Dave was out deer hunting with his older brother, Jack, in the swamp behind his house, in what’s now Big Cypress National Preserve, when he encountered the ape incarnate.

“It was walking across the swamp, and my brother spotted it first. But I couldn’t see it over the grass—I wasn’t tall enough,” Shealy says. “My brother picked me up, and I saw it, about 100 yards away. We were just kids, but we’d heard about it, and knew for sure what we were looking at. It looked like a man, but completely covered with hair.” Read more