Tuesday, September 29, 2015

First Pictorial Representation of Göbekli Tepe Found

Another clue to the hidden history of the human race has been found - the first pictorial representation of Gobekli Tepe
A tiny bone plaque in Sanliurfa museum holds the key to the orientation of 11,500 year-old temple complex.

It was found during routine excavations at the 11,500-year-old site of G>bekli Tepe in southeast Turkey, but no one had recognised exactly what the carved lines on the small bone plaque showed. That was until Matthew Smith, a British telecommunications consultant living in Qatar, visited Sanliurfa’s new archaeology museum, which contains a large collection of objects found at the proto-Neolithic site located just 8 miles (13 kilometres) away towards the northeast. He would seem to have recognised something everyone else had missed, and this was that the little plaque – just 6 cm in length, 2.5 cm in width and 3-4 mm in thickness – bore on its upper surface two T-shaped features positioned side by side. The context of the plaque’s discovery, i.e. at Göbekli Tepe, makes it clear these T-shaped etchings are pictorial representations of the T-shaped pillars found in all the key enclosures uncovered so far at the site. Read more

Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Mothman Eyeqitness Acounts

The Mothman sightings were some of the best-documented paranormal incidents in history. Lon Strickler offers some of the eyewitness accounts.

In celebration of author John Keel and the Mothman Festival in Point Pleasant, WV this weekend, I'm offering a few Mothman eyewitness accounts from the past:

Mothman Comes Home Read more

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Science Says Auras Are Real and Yours Could Identify You

A new  study found that auras are real and could be used to identify you.
You have an aura, except it isn’t made of purplish light; it’s your personal cloud of dead skin cells, fungus and many, many microbes. And researchers are learning to be able to identify you by it. Trillions of bacteria live on and in the human body. Together, these bacteria make up what researchers call the human microbiome. A new study out of the U.S. determined that an occupied room is microbially distinct from an unoccupied one also showed detectable differences between people’s microbial cloud “signatures,” including identifying their gender. Read more

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Mysterious Creature Rips Apart Cars in Oklahoma

Cars are being ripped apart at a car lot in Oklahoma, and it appears to have been done by a mysterious creature.
Is there a demented steel-jawed chupacabra with a taste for oil tearing apart automobiles at a car lot in Oklahoma? Before you scoff, local police are concerned enough that they’ve set traps to capture this motor vehicle monster that leaves behind piles of mangled parts and car bodies covered with bite marks, hair and blood. Read more

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Patterson Bigfoot Film: What Skeptics Still Can't Explain

So, the Patterson-Gimblin Bigfoot film has been totally debunked, right? Not really, says Taylor Leonard.
The most famous of all alleged “Bigfootage” ever produced, the Patterson-Gimlin film remains an iconic artifact of the unknown. Shot nearly five decades ago on Bluff Creek in California near the Oregon border, the minute-long scene recorded onto 16mm film by Roger Patterson accompanied by Bob Gimlin depicts a subject covered in brown hair walking upright away from the camera. Frame # 352 captures the subject in its most memorable and revealing pose relative to the camera, an image which has since become the face of Sasquatch-related pop culture around the world.

In the 40+ years since the release of this alleged Bigfoot documentation dozens of brains have picked over its every detail. Some such as the late Dr. Dmitri D. Donskoy, a leading expert on human biomechanics, believed the subject to be nonhuman. Others outright deemed it an easy-to-spot fraud, including the late “father of cryptozoology” zoologist Bernard Heuvelmans. Countless TV specials have aired the footage for the public to decide for themselves – oftentimes showing highly deteriorated copies of copies of copies. Numerous people have come forward over the years claiming to have either manufactured a suit for the film or having been a performer in a suit in the film, providing little evidence beyond their own word and the testimony of friends and family. Read more

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Ghostly Infideltiy

For the first time in the history of the courts a ghost appeared as a correspondent in a divorce suit.
Here's an interesting article that was published in the Boston Post on June 10, 1900:

St. Louis, June 9 -- For the first time in the history of the courts a ghost will appear as correspondent in a divorce suit next Tuesday. The ghost is that of William J. Florence, who was one of the best actors who ever graced the boards. Mr. Florence, of course, in life was full of fun, a great practical joker. It may be that Mr. Florence's spirit has continued to play pranks. Charles L. Bates, an expert on diamonds in the largest jewelry store here, names the spiritual Mr. Florence as correspondent in his suit for divorce from his wife, Mrs. Lou E. Bates, who has herself brought a suit for divorce, in which she names as correspondent a "grass widow and Spiritualistic medium." But, it turns out, the grass widow is in the flesh. She is Miss Marion L. Wilson of El Paso, Tex., who once lived at the home of the Bateses here. Read more

Thursday, September 10, 2015

My Sex Magic Ebook Has Been Published!

Does it seem as if everyone is having more sex than you are? Have you been going through a sexual dry spell? Have you been "friend-zoned?" Has the passion cooled in your relationship? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, sex magic may be able to help you. Sex magic is the attempt to increase the passion of someone, or to seduce them as a sex partner through magical means rather than through direct action. It can be implemented in a variety of ways, such as spells, rituals, dolls, talismans, or potions.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

5 Reasons Not to Ghost Hunt with Lights Out

On ghost hunting TV shows, the calssic way to kick off the investigation is with, "Lights out," but is that actually the best way to hunt for ghosts?
Ever since Ghost Hunters premiered, paranormal enthusiasts seem to mimic television and ghost hunt in the dark. In today’s paranormal world it has become the standard practice to do all investigations with the lights off. But when asked why people investigate with the lights off, most people have no idea why it’s actually done. It’s presented on television this way for entertainment purposes, as it looks frightening. There are a number of reasons why we actually shouldn’t ghost hunt with the lights out. Read more

Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Disturbing Consequences of Seeing Your Doppelganger

Supposedly, we all have a doppelganger. Anil Ananthaswamy explores the disturbing consequences of seeing your double.
More than two decades ago, Peter Brugger, as a PhD student in neuropsychology at the University Hospital Zurich in Switzerland, was developing a reputation as someone interested in scientific explanations of so-called paranormal experiences. A fellow neurologist, who had been treating a 21-year-old man for seizures, sent him to Brugger. The young man, who worked as a waiter and lived in the canton of Zurich, had very nearly killed himself one day, when he found himself face-to-face with his doppelganger. Read more

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Third Dog-Man Reported in Pennsyvania

Lon Strickler has received a third report of a "dog-man" sighting in Central Pennsyvania.
I received the following report on Monday...I contacted the witness by telephone shortly thereafter:
I am sending this to you in light of hearing about some other recent PA sightings so I wanted to share my experience.  Read more

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Even UFOs Are Following Trump

Despite his stance on illegal aliens, UFOs were spotted following Donald Trump.
Take me to your leader.

That's what you hear in classic sci-fi  movies when the little green men land. But those words are also apropos in this election season.  When the 2016 presidential race ends, what leader will those ETs be taken to? Read more