Monday, August 3, 2009

A Spell for Revenge Against an Unfaithful Lover

There’s nothing more devastating to your happiness and self-esteem than your lover leaving you for someone else. If you want your lover back, perform A Spell to Break Up a Relationship. Its purpose is to break up the relationship - not to harm either person.

If your lover wronged you - cheated on you while you were together, stole your property, posted sex videos of you on the internet, or worse - you may want revenge rather than reconciliation. In that case, you can use a revenge spell to seek justice and revenge against your unfaithful lover and his or her accomplice. This spell will destroy their relationship completely. If performed properly, it may also make them unpopular, so they cannot easily find new partners.

For this spell you will need: a glass of water, a saucer with some salt on it, a candle, an incense stick, a pointed knife, matches, a piece of paper, and some scissors.

To perform the spell:
1) Take the knife in both hands.
2) Stand up and draw an anti-clockwise circle around you.
3) Visualize this circle being a glowing yellow (not gold).
4) Sit down and say:
This circle shall stay with me and protect me forever.
My curse cannot now be returned to me.
5) Light the candle and the incense stick with a match.
6) Say this invocation:
I call upon the Keeper of the Bottomless Pit,
I call upon Aggadon the Keeper,
I call upon the spectres of the pit,
I call upon the wraiths of the universe,
I call upon Manes, Lemures, and Ahriman,
I call upon Diabolus, the Father of Lies,
I call upon the demons of the night.
I have been wronged, and I want revenge.
Let those I call upon gather around me.
Let them all be at my command.
So I will it; so shall it be!
7) Cut out two person-shaped figures with the scissors.
8) Put them in front of you.
9) Stab them with the knife as often and wherever you like and say:
My revenge will hurt you everywhere.
You have no power over me, but I have power over you.
Destroy each other thoroughly and irretrievably.
Be both unfaithful until you can no longer bear it.
10) Thank the spectres and send them on their way:
Hearken, beings of the night,
Take this suffering to lover’s name) and (accomplice’s name).
And let them suffer for nine years.
So do I command.
I thank thee, all of you.
Now be away, and do as told.
You should not use this spell against someone who has not done you wrong, or against someone about whom you are not certain. Otherwise, someone more powerful than you can turn the curse back against you, and you will wish that you had never cast the spell. Also, A Spell to Bind a Lover to You can help you avoid this situation altogether.

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