Saturday, August 28, 2010

Psychic Detectives: How Do They Work?

Psychic detectives are real, this article claims, and they have three major approaches to help with investigations: mediumship, postcognition, and psychometry.
The Mystical Means Of Psychics And The Psychic Realm

The psychic realm has always been full of unexplainable wonders. Since back in the days, people have always looked up to a psychic every time they feel that they are lost or they simply can’t have the right answers by some other way.

Psychics and everything that’s in the psychic realm have wonderful ways to give answers to things that are outside the bounds of science and logic. Because of this, many people have turned to psychics for general guidance and enlightenment. But hey, psychics are not only capable of showing you a sneak peek of your future or communicating with the spirit world; they’re also top notch crime solvers! Read more

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