Thursday, August 19, 2010

Scientists Extract DNA from Mystery Ape Hair

According to cryptid researcher Adam Davies, scientists have extracted DNA from "mystery ape" hair samples brought back from Indonesia.
A team of Danish scientists who have been analysing hair samples brought back from Indonesia by a British expedition last autumn have found some potentially world-shattering results. The expedition was looking for the fabled orang pendek, an upright walking ape from Sumatra which is only known from eyewitness reports. Read more

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Paranomalist said...

Thanks for the link, Caitlin! Whether this is an entirely new species of bipedal ape, or a northern sub-species of the Orangutan, this is pretty exciting news. Adam Davies has spent a lot of time in the Sumatran jungle looking for this creature, and it seems that he and his team have finally found some strong evidence of its existence. Of course, some people won't be satisfied by anything less than capturing and caging a live Orang Pendek, but DNA evidence shouldn't be ignored.

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