Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Strange Cases of Half Cat Mutilations

Chris Holly examines the strange cases of half cat mutilations. Linda Moulton Howe has reported on these many times on Dreamland with Whitley Strieber. To me, the half cat mutilations are much more disturbing than cattle mutilations, as gruesome and strange as those are.
Recently a reader sent me his concerns about the ongoing mutilations of cats that are found all over North America. I am not sure if this phenomenon is world wide as I have only read reports concerning my area of the world.

I know that cats are often targets of malicious humans and slaughtered for many reasons ranging from fun to using them as a meat source and eating them. I remembered when I was a child a demented young man in my town was found to have a entire cat torture camp set up in the woods. He would catch the cats in the area and take them to this camp he built deep in the dense woods and torture the poor animals to death. When his camp was found the local police discovered hundreds of dead animals hanging from dozens of trees in this twisted bizarre camp. Read more

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