Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Nearly Half of Americans Think Their Pets Are Psychic

According to a poll at Petside.com, nearly half of Americans think their pets are psychic.
Sure, we've been known to post videos and pictures of cute animals in order to pep up your day or even our own. But today it's all come full circle, and now the pets are actually saving our asses. According to a recent AP- Petside.com poll, 43% of American pet owners believe their pets have a sixth sense that is particularly in tune during times of trouble.

When Jeanette Zinno and her boyfriend left a pot on the stove unattended, Zinno's Miniature Pinscher (Rocki) came to the rescue -- scurrying into the room a-la-Salt -- then proceeding to bark and alert the two owners of the impending fire in the next room. This account, among others, was tallied in the poll by Petside that focused on whether or not pet owners believed their pets to have a sixth sense. Read more

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