Friday, July 8, 2011

Nottinghamshire Police Witchcraft, Ghost and UFO Reports

The Nottinghamshire (UK) police released figures on the number of paranormal reports they have received over the past six years. Apparently, people are still accusing their neighbors of witchcraft across the pond. Witchcraft  reports outnumbered ghosts and UFO reports put together by a wide margin.
Nottinghamshire Police received more than 80 reports of ghosts, witchcraft and UFO sightings in the last six years.

The force revealed there were 46 reports of witchcraft, three UFO sightings and 34 incidents involving ghosts.

Ch Insp Ted Antill said there were calls where officers did attend the scene of "ghost sightings".

He confirmed the UFO sightings were "exclusively" Chinese lanterns. Read more

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