Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Alien Technology Could Exist That's Beyond Matter

Some scientists are beginning to think outside the box and speculate that intelligent life could exist that is no longer matter-based.  This is sure to infuriate paranormal "skeptics," whose worldview is based on the premise that the material universe is all that exists.
Much of the current thinking about advanced extraterrestrial life that may be a million to a billion years more advanced that the human species, depicts life forms that have evolved into intelligent AI-powered machines. Even Stephen Hawking has recently asked "Why isn't the Milky Way crawling with intelligent machines."

SETI chief astronomer, Seth Shostak says: "If you look at the timescales for the development of technology, at some point you invent radio and then you go on the air and then we have a chance of finding you," he told BBC News."But within a few hundred years of inventing radio - at least if we're any example - you invent thinking machines; we're probably going to do that in this century. So you've invented your successors and only for a few hundred years are you... a 'biological' intelligence."

But what if advanced super-intelligent life is no longer matter based? What id they exist at a higher level concept than matter. Are matter and information all there is? asks Paul Davies, physicist and astrobiologist at Arizona State University.  Read more

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