Saturday, October 29, 2011

Spectrophilia: Sex with Ghosts

Tales of spirit lovers go back to the earliest days of storytelling. As author Rosemary Ellen Guily says in the article, some encounters can be explained by psychology, but not all. I know that my own couldn't be. And psychic Patty Negri's claim that you can fend off such encounters by just saying no, is the advice of someone who obviously has no personal experience with the phenomenon. If that works, the whole encounter was imaginary in the first place.
Halloween is without question the best of all possible holidays…there’s no family BS, no gift guilt, just tricks, treats and terror. But let’s face it…trying to squeeze something sexy out of it is like trying to take candy from Rosemary’s Baby.
Sure, you’ve got vampires and the standard hot pirate / gladiator costumes but very few real, old-fashioned ghost and monster stories are turn-ons. My standards are notoriously low but even I’m not aroused by rotting zombie flesh, Nosferatu’s rat face or the slow hand of Freddy Krueger. Unless you’re jumping into someone’s arms while watching one of these movies, sexiness and spookiness don’t often mix.

Unless, of course, you are having actual sex with an actual ghost.

It’s called spectrophilia and some experts say it not only happens, but tales of it go back to the earliest days of storytelling. Read more

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