Wednesday, May 29, 2013

4 Weird “Clues” That Parallel Universes Exist

Although some physicists have speculated about the possible existence of parallel universes, many if not most scientists are doubtful about their reality. However, Rob Schwerz offers four weird "clues" that parallel universes exist.
The scientific possibility of parallel universes first arrived with Hugh Everett III’s Relative State Formulation in 1957. Not long after, Bryce Seligman DeWitt renamed Everett’s theory and introduced it to the masses, bringing us the popular term Many-worlds Interpretation.
But there are others, each attempting to solve the quantum measurement problem and, in this case, Everett’s formulation. These include the Many-minds interpretation and, my personal favorite, Many-histories.

Interpretations of interpretations, yeah. It’s very messy.

But for now, any thoughts of dimension-hopping adventures and parallel universes are relegated to science fiction. It’s just not possible.

Or is it?

Well, probably not. But let’s ignore the science for a moment and take a quick look at some of the weirder “clues” that maybe, just maybe, we’re living in one of many worlds. Read more

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