Monday, January 27, 2014

Is There a Giant Space Ship on the Moon?

Is there a giant space ship on the moon? There shouldn't be, but a paranormal researcher claims to have discovered one.
For almost as long as man has been able to boast his ability to travel to Earth’s solitary natural satellite, there have been allegations of strange happenings on the lunar surface. From claims of alien bases amidst the mare plains of the moon’s far side, to theories of “ancient lunar archaeological excavations” proposed by the likes of Richard C. Hoagland of Coast to Coast AM fame, there have been countless instances where strange objects photographed on the moon, or even just offbeat theories based on pure speculation alone, have led to widespread belief in a host of different activities that remain ongoing on our nearest neighbor.

Among the more recent discoveries, a large object, roughly fifteen times the length of a passenger plane, has been proclaimed by its discoverer, a YouTube user and paranormal researcher operating under the title “WowForReal,” as being a gigantic alien spaceship parked on the moon. Read more

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