Thursday, March 20, 2014

10 More Conspiracy Theories

"Conspiracy theorist" was a term seeded into the media by the CIA in the 1960s to smear people who questioned the Warren Commission Report on the Kennedy assassination. Not every conspiracy theory is true, of course, but labeling something a conspiracy theory doesn't make it false either.
Conspiracy theories – I can’t get enough of them! Fortunately there are so many floating about that we have been able to give you not one, not two, but now three lists of theories that many people believe with all their might. Be sure to read the earlier lists if you haven’t already and feel free to add any conspiracies missing from all three to the comments here.

10 Area 51

It makes the list because it appears in almost every alien or UFO conspiracy theory ever devised. The fact is Area 51 is real. It’s a popular target on Google Earth. Another fact is that the FAA has confirmed that no air routes go over or anywhere near Area 51, by direct order from the USAF. Read more

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