Thursday, April 17, 2014

Who Knew the U.S. Army Was in the Business of Building Pyramids?

Who knew that the U.S. Army was in the business of building pyramids?
With all of the pyramids around the world, it seems clear that the ancients had an affinity for lasting architecture. They built things to withstand the winds of time. At least, they built certain things to last. Temples, tombs, ceremonial chambers and all kinds of sacred sites litter the landscape all across this planet, each one from an age lost to antiquity. Often, though, what didn’t survive alongside these megaliths, was any notion about what they were, why they were built, or how they were built. Sure, scholars are relatively certain that they’ve deciphered lost texts and cryptic hieroglyphics, and thus believe they have a decent grasp on answers to those questions, but there are many people who don’t agree that conventional wisdom in this regard is all that solid. Read more

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