Saturday, May 24, 2014

Suscon Screamer: Spirit or Beast?

Is the Suscon ( Luzerne County, PA) Screamer a spirit or a beast?
The first tale about the Suscon Screamer appeared around the end of the 1800's. In those days fire towers were located through out the area each were located within sight of another. A fire was spotted in the Suscon area of Luzerne County, PA and firefighters were sent out to extinguish it. As the fireman worked on the blaze a terrible scream was heard, frightening many of the firefighters. Afterwards, the firemen discussed as to what it could have been. None of them could explain what would make such a horrible scream. Later in the day, a watchman in the tower heard the scream. As he looked out over the burned out area he noticed something moving and the screaming seemed to be getting louder. As it came closer the terrified watchman crouched down in his small room at the top of the tower. Now the creature was directly under him. As he looked down he could see the creature looking back up at him screaming and clawing at the ground. Worried that it might climb the tower he locked the entrance to the tower which was nothing more then a hatch in the floor and waited. Once again he peeked over the edge, the creature was walking away from him. The large creature was sometimes standing and sometime walking on all fours with a pig-like snout. It seemed that a large Black Bear had been trapped it the fire and had been severely burned and was crying out in pain. Read more

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