Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Pentagram Spell

Nearly everyone needs something that they can't afford at some time. Changing reality can be a tall order, but a technique, called the Pentagram Spell, which draws on tremendous amounts energy over a space of one month, will, if performed correctly, grant you a wish. You will discover the success rate of this spell to exceed your expectations. David St. Clair, author of Lessons in Instant ESP, is the inventor of this technique.

First of all, you must know exactly WHAT you want. Create a sentence of desire, a very specific statement of your intent, detailing who, what, where, when, and why.

I wish for twenty thousand dollars with no strings attached delivered to me to remodel the kitchen for my wife's anniversary present on September 1,2014.

That is your wish. The next step is to translate that into symbols that will draw contiuous energy for one month. Remember, without energy, nothing can occur. Your car can’t run, your oven won’t cook, and your magic will not work.

You will now take a piece of white poster board and draw a 5 pointed star on it. At the top of the star, place a photo of yourself. The top of the star symbolizes who gets the wish. It can also symbolize who or what is the target of your magical influence.

At the next point clockwise is the "what" section." What exactly are you wishing for? Since you are wishing for twenty thousand dollars with no strings attached, you can draw a dollar bill with broken chains to symbolize money with no catches or add a photo that symbolizes the same thing.

At the the next point going clockwise, is the "where" section. Place a photo of your house because you want the money delivered. The where section dictates where the energy should create the reality you desire.

At the next point is the "when" section. Place a photo or draw a calendar with the exact date when you want the event to occur. The when section is important because your energies will gather force to manifest your wish on this exact date.

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At the last point of the star, is the “why" section. In symbols, write WHY you think you are deserving of this wish.
You can reason that this wish will make your wife happy. You could place a photo of your smiling wife or possibly a picture of a remodeled kitchen at this point.

After you have created your pentagram, post the drawing in a place that you will see frequently every day. David St. Clair recommended using the Cosmic Forces Formula to charge the pentagram. After calling in the Cosmic Forces, gaze at your drawing and be fully aware oeach symbol means. Then repeat the statement of your desire three times, and as you do so, go over the symbols as you say each word. Then close the Cosmic Forces Formula in the usual way.

Alternatively, you could just gaze at the symbols and recite your sentence of desire three times. That is a less powerful method of charging your pentagram, however. It's usually better to enlist help to achieve your goals rather than relying totally upon yourself.

Each day, as you pass by the drawing (the more frequently, the better), focus on the symbols, understanding exactly what each one means. Each time you do this, you infuse your original intent with energy. This energy goes out into the universe and acts to create reality from your written desire.

After about a month, you will pass by the poster, and you will discover a great repulsion from the poster. That means that the poster is fully infused with power that is eady to be released.

When you feel that moment has arrived, stand before your poster and repat three times again, your statement of desire, and as you do so, look at each symbol and know what they mean. After the third repetition, throw your arms in the air, yell loudly, and feel a great release of energy from the symbols and the pentagram, surging into the environment and creating a reality out ofyour thoughts. At this point, the drawing will feel empty and devoid of energy. That is because all intent and ki had finally left and is now actively changing reality according to your desire.

Burn the poster and wait in full expectation for the result on the exact day of your bidding. David St. Clair said that the Pentagram Spell should only be used to obtain material desires. You can try using it to obtain other things, such as healing or love, but if it doesn't work, don't blame the spell.


Anonymous said...

He clearly stated that it was used by jews since old times, so he did not "invent" the method.

Caitlin MacKenna said...

The pentagram is an old, widely-used symbol, but David St. Clair was the first to publish this spell. I think he developed it from the Treasure Map technique that Ophiel published in The Art and Practice of Creative Visualization

Anonymous said...

I read the spell on the site of Joseph Plazo. I was going to apply it but some people are saying that this is a dark spell. I personally don t think it s dark because the star is NOT turned down but still I would like to have your opinion why would it be dark ?

Caitlin MacKenna said...

Magic could be termed dark if it harms someone; if it doesn't it's not dark. Even so-called dark magic can be good. Is binding or harming a sexual predator bad?

Anonymous said...

I read the book of David St Clair.
The problem is he said :
Who What when where how (in this order)
In your article or in extreme mind s article the order is :
Who what where when how...
So I don t understand why the order is not the same...thanks

Caitlin MacKenna said...

Because it doesn't make any difference. The order I used is the order of the 5Ws of a newspaper lead. Either order contains the same information.

Kendra Carter said...

I have a quick question in regards to the where. If I want money to purchase a car or clears my debts, what picture would be best to use? My wallet (for the debts being cleared) or parking spot (for the car)?

Caitlin MacKenna said...

Picture the car you want, not an empty parking space. For debts, a picture of a bill stamped "Paid in Full" or something similar would work. Both of those seem more like "whats," however. A "where" for each might be your garage or whom or you owe money to. - It's really your intent that determines it, though - what the picture symbolizes to you.