Saturday, July 12, 2014

The 7 Scariest Ghost Encounters a Paranormal Expert Has Ever Had

Paranormal expert John D. Mimms describes the seven scariest ghost encounters he has ever had.
Anyone who has done paranormal research knows that investigations are typically hours of boredom intermingled with a few minutes of excitement. Most of the excitement is due to prosaic reasons: a breeze or creaky floorboards... but some of the time it is not.

Those unusual incidents are the ones that keep investigators going. I have experienced some incredible things on investigations and have been with others who have. When it happens, it definitely changes your perspective on life in a hurry.

My new science fiction novel, The Tesla Gate [Open Road Media, $16.99], deals with what might happen if ghosts were suddenly among us in huge numbers. And I had no shortage of creepy experiences to draw on. These are the scariest moments of my career. Read more

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