Saturday, August 2, 2014

A Spell to End a Relationship

Most love magic is about attracting a new lover, regaining a lost love, or keeping your current relationship strong. However, sometimes when a relationship is no longer working and both of you are unhappy, the relationship must be ended. If your partner does not see things the same way you do, it is time to use this spell. It is very effective, so be sure that you want what it will achieve for you.

What you will need
  • Two white candles
  • Matches 
  • Sharp, pointed object
  • Two small pieces of paper
  • Black pen
How to perform the spell

1) Light both candles with a different match.
2) Scratch M (me) on one candle. Scratch H (him/her) on the other candle.
3) Write your name on one piece of paper with the black pen.
4) Write the other name on the other piece of paper with the black pen.
5) Using dripped wax, stick the name papers to the appropriate candles.
6) Place both candles close together and say:
This is how it was.
This is how it was meant to be.
7) Move the candles about a foot apart and say:
This is how it is now.
This is how it will be.
This is how it shall be.
8) Burn each piece of paper in the flame of its respective candle.
9) Extinguish the candles.

Perform this spell every day, using the same candles. Before the canldes are burnt out, the relationship will begin to end.

Be absolutely certain that you want to end the relationship. Once this spell is done, it cannot be easily reversed, so think before you start. Don't use it after an silly fight, or when you are in a huff.

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AprylWine said...

Can this spell be used to break up a couple by carving Their names in the candles, following the steps, and chanting the chant?

Caitlin MacKenna said...

this spell is intended for your own relationship, but you could experiment to see if it would work on another's.