Thursday, April 16, 2015

Voodoo and Black Magic: Are They Real?

Are voodoo and black magic real? Bestselling paranormal author Gare Allen examines the mysterious death of C. Wheeler.
In August of 2012, C. Wheeler, a retired man in his late sixties, was found dead in his bathtub inside his Florida home. Mr. Wheeler had not been seen for three days and his unmoved car in the driveway prompted his neighbors to investigate. Forcing their way into his home, the formidable stench of death confirmed their suspicions and they immediately called the authorities. With no signs of foul play, a break-in or fingerprints, police ruled the death a suicide and cited the kitchen carving knife embedded in Mr. Wheeler’s throat as the obvious cause of death.

Several days passed and Mr. Wheeler’s family had begun removing his personal belongings from the home in preparation of placing it on the market. His next door neighbor answered their door to find the late Mr. Wheeler’s elderly mother, hunched over and holding letters in one hand and a plain, white doll, made of yarn, in the other. Read more

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