Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Man Displays Personality of Child Organ Donor After Transplant Surgery

This story of a man who displayed personality characteristics of of a child organ donor after receiving a kidney transplant raises the question of just where do our memories actually reside?
In March of 1996, forty-eight year old Albert Morrow spent several days recovering in a Georgia hospital bed after a successful kidney transplant. Relegated to a strict diet and regimented liquid intake, his multiple requests for a glass of cold milk were denied by the attending health care personnel. Even in his sleep, the nurses would hear him muttering about drinking milk and eating chocolate chip cookies. During a visit, Albert’s wife, Joyce, learned of her husband’s desire for milk and complained that it must be some kind of reaction to the medication as Albert was lactose intolerant and had avoided dairy in any form for over thirty years. Read more

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