Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Want to See a UFO? Head for the Extraterrestrial Highway

If you've never seen a UFO, but want to, try heading for the Extraterrestrial Highway in Nevada.
Ever secretly dreamed of a close encounter of the third kind? Are you intensely curious as to whether humanity is alone in this universe? Or are you just a massive fan of The X Files? Whatever your reason for wondering about alien life, the best way to get some answers is to find them yourself, and there's no better place to conduct your research than the Extraterrestrial Highway. Also known as Nevada State Route 375, the 98 mile stretch of road has had so many reported UFO sightings that the state eventually started referring to it as the Extraterrestrial Highway. We highly suggest camping or RVing the route as a day or weekend trip from Las Vegas... being in a campground further away from civilization increases your chances for abduction. Plus, the stargazing in this part of the country is unbeatable! Read more

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