Tuesday, January 12, 2016

What Is a Near-Death Experience?.

Debra Diamond examines the near-death experience from the scientific point of view.
What’s a near-death experience? A delusion? A neurochemical imbalance? The aftermath of anesthesia on a dying brain?

Raymond Moody coined the term “near-death experience” in his groundbreaking book Life After Life, in which he outlined nine elements of the experience, including a life review, an outof-body experience, encounters with deceased loved ones and a decision to return to one’s body. Bruce Greyson, a professor at the University of Virginia, expanded the list to encompass 16 elements, including a sudden insight, experiencing scenes from the future and coming to a point of no return.

According to most NDE literature, common elements include an out-of-body experience, a feeling of peace with the universe and a connection with a brilliant white light. Read more

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