Tuesday, October 18, 2016

How to Speak With Spirits Using a Pendulum

You may have heard that to speak with spirits, you must develop your psychic senses. That is true if you want to see or hear spirist, but listening is not the only way to get information from spirits. Using a pendulum is an alternative method that doesn't require any psychic ability. For most people, it is easy to learn and can be used to give quite detailed answers.

Pendulums are easy to find in New Age stores or online, but you can make your own if you want. Take something like a small crystal, pendant, ring, or other small, weighted object and attach it to a necklace chain, ribbon, string, or some other kind of strand. To use the pendulum, hold it by the end of the strand with the weighted object at the other end.

The pendulum moves due to the subtle ideomotor movements in your fingers - the same principle used in the Ouija board and automatic writing. You don't need a partner, however, to use a pendulum, and pendulum dowsing takes much less practice to make work than automatic writing does.

the first thing to do is to learn your pendulum's "swing pattern." To do this, hold your pendulum and ask a question to which you know the answer is "yes." The direction the pendulum moves is how it will indicate a positive response. Then ask a question to which you know the answer is "no." That direction is your pendulum's negative response. Most often, the "yes" direction is either back and forth or clockwise, and the negative response is either said to side or counterclockwise. The process is usually quick and simple, but if you are new to pendulum dowsing, ask enough questions to be sure. Once you've established your "yes" and "no" directions, other movements typically indicate "I don't know" or confusion because you've asked a vague or open-ended question.

the biggest key to receiving helpful information from pendulum dowsing is asking clear, precise questions that can be answer "yes" or "no." Words that require a judgment tend to be problematic. Instead of asking whether should take your vacation in the Bahamas, ask if you will have fun on a vacation in the Bahamas. Instead of asking what is the best horse in a race, ask which horse will be the fastest in a race. Good questions lead to good answers.

To communicate with a spirit using a pendulum, first take a sheet of paper and draw a circle on it. A diameter of around six inches is a good size to use. If you have the spirit's sigil or seal, place it in the center of the circle. Otherwise, write the spirit's name on a piece of paper about 2-3 inches square and place that in the circle. Next, hold your pendulum over the sigil or name paper and say:

 I wish to speak to the spirit __________. Spirit __________, please come to me to answer the questions I have for you.

The pendulum may begin to move in your "yes" direction right away. If it does not, ask:

Are you here with me now, Spirit __________?

If the pendulum moves in the positive direction, thank the spirit for coming and proceed to your questions. When you are finished, tell the spirit that you are finished and thank it again for coming. If you got a "no" response, or more commonly, no response, your session is finished. Try again another time, or try another spirit.

You can ask spirits to spell out the words in a message, but it can be time-consuming. You can ask for a "yes" for each letter in a message or name, but a better way is to use an alphanumeric chart. To make your own chart,t draw a circle or half a circle on a piece of paper and divide it into 26 sections. Label each section with a letter of the alphabet. Then make a small circle or half circle inside and divide that into ten sections and label each section with a number from 0 to 9. To use the chart, hold your pendulum over the center and ask for the first letter or number. The pendulum will move toward the correct letter or number. Then ask for the second and so on. This is a tedious process, but it can be done.

How do you know that the spirit you called is the one that came? You don't, but it sort of doesn't matter. The information is what you need. How do you know the the information is correct? You don't You treat it as you should any information given to you: before you act on it, check it out and use your common sense. Try to verify the information if you can. If you can't verify it, and it seems implausible, don't act on it. Also, don't do ridiculous or dangerous things because you think a spirit told you to. The spirit could have been an imposter, and spirits aren't infallible anyway.

Using a pendulum to speak with spirits can be quite useful if you don't have the ability to see or hear them. It's a way to evoke spirits without ritual of any kind. Although pendulum dowsing does not take much if any practice to make it work, the more you use it, the better it will work for you..

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