Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Everything You Wanted to Know About Secret Societies but Were Afraid to Ask

Secret societies have always existed, but because they're secret, outsiders don't know much about them. Here is everything you wanted to know about secret societies - but were afraid to ask.
Secret Societies have, understandably, become a mainstay of conspiracy culture in the Western World today. As Manly P. Hall, the knowledgeable chronicler of philosophical studies in the early part of the last century had written, “Secret Societies have existed among all peoples, savage and civilized, since the beginning of recorded history… It is beyond question that the secret societies of all ages have exercised a considerable degree of political influence.” Echoing this sentiment, though pursuing it to more sinister areas, science fiction novelist Robert A. Heinlein, author of the libertarian epic The Moon is a Harsh MistressI, likened secrecy — and the societal groups who maintain it — to being, “the beginning of tyranny” itself. Read more

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