Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Is There a Power Word to Summon UFOs?

There are many people in the Philippines, especially in the rural areas, who believe in power words or oracion. Is there a power word to summon UFOs?
One of the most unusual questions I’ve been asked recently came from a seminar organizer of mine in Cyprus named George, who confessed he has an obsession with UFOs (unidentified flying objects).

“Can you ask your friend, [faith healer] Alex Orbito, if there is a special phrase or prayer one can say for a UFO to appear?” wrote George. “I know it’s a long shot but we have nothing to lose by asking him.”

The reason George thought of asking if there was a power word to call on a UFO is that when he was in the Philippines to attend Orbito’s seminar last April, Alex taught him “a special phrase which when uttered and at the same time press with your thumb a lump on a patient’s body, it dissolves.” George said he had tried it and it worked. He said the healer has many magical phrases and wondered if there was one to call on UFOs to appear. Read more

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