Thursday, September 10, 2009

International Air Space and the Black Triangles

Regan Lee examines the Unidentified Flying Triangle phenomenon at UFO Digest.
In past articles on the black triangles, I've often made the comment about the fact the triangles appear all over the world, which means they appear in international air space. I've stated that this is risky; the abrupt appearance of an unknown craft in another country's air space seems dangerous. But, if we don't know who the triangles belong to, if they're man made or alien, and so on, the issue is probably moot. However, I still assumed that the U.S. (assuming the triangles are ours) flying into the air space of other countries was a bad thing, unless of course that air space was part of NATO and so on.


So far, the triangles remain true UFOs. They may very well be man made, but we don't know that, not yet. Even if they are man made, there are a lot of mysteries surrounding the triangles. One being: are the triangles based on alien technology? If not, it is still an incredible creation; these triangles are huge and incredibly fast, even downright spooky. What is their purpose? They've been around for decades, why the continued secrecy? Read more

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