Monday, October 5, 2009

CIA's Psychic Spy Files at

Articles and samples from the CIA STAR GATE files are available for viewing at the website. The collection provides deep insight into how our government functions in the face of the unknown, says independent journalist and researcher Gary S. Bekkum.
Although the public is more aware today than they were in 1995, when the CIA finally owned up to the existence of "U.S. government phenomenology projects," only part of the truth behind "strange goings on" has been revealed.

The United States had been secretly conducting research into the use of the paranormal: to spy on the Soviets, the aliens, and more. Not only was this series of programs, generically known as STAR GATE, run by the Defense Intelligence Agency, there were others less well known. The existence of many related projects, sponsored by CIA, NSA, DIA, the NAVY, U.S. Air Force, and others too numerous to mention here can be found in brief references scattered among the CIA released documents.

Several sources tell us that some of the paranormal programs continue today, most notably at the National Security Agency, this according to at least three independent sources. Read more

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