Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dracula’s Cellar Found

Bram Stoker's novel Dracula was inspired by European folklore and vampire stories. Stoker created his title character based on the legends about Wallachian Duke Vlad III, commonly known as "Dracula." Recently, archaeologists have found what they believe to be Dracula's cellar beneath a two-story house in Pecs, Hungary.
Archaeologists believe to have discovered a cellar owned by the Wallachian Duke Vlad III, commonly known by the name of “Dracula.” The cellar was discovered in the university town of Pecs in southern Hungary.

According to reports, Tomas Fedeles, tutor of medieval and early modern history at the University of Pecs pointed out that his research showed that Vlad III or Vlad Dracula lived in a two-story house located today in the city’s central square.

Fedeles found a document containing a detailed description of the house and its owners, among which the name “Drakulya” appears. The researcher believes that the cellar most likely belonged to “Dracula.” Read more

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