Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Psychic First to Discover Rings around Jupiter

A new, previously unseen ring has been discovered around the planet Saturn. In 1979, the NASA Voyager spacecraft confirmed that Jupiter also has a series of rings around it, but the most amazing thing about this is that the rings were first discovered by a psychic in 1973.
In the last few days, the discovery of a huge and previously undetected additional ring around the planet Saturn has been exciting astronomers. But, to my mind, it cannot compare to the realisation, in 1973, that the planet Jupiter also had a ring system, because that discovery was made by a psychic, not a spacecraft.

It was Ingo Swann, an American “consciousness researcher” (he doesn’t like to be called a psychic) who suggested exploring the planet, using a method he called “coordinated remote viewing”, during experiments that were being conducted with him at Stanford Research Institute (now known as SRI International)… Read more

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