Saturday, October 24, 2009

Spirits Purported to Linger in Early 1700s Home

Spirits are purported to linger in an early-1700s Merrimac, Massachusetts, home, according to its owners.
Halloween at Michael Wendt's Merrimac house has always been a quiet holiday. Even when he was a child, the neighborhood kids were afraid to trick-or-treat at his River Road home because of rumors of ghosts lurking in the shadows.

The lore surrounding the ghosts centers on the alleged murders hundreds of years ago of a mother and her two children in one of the home's back rooms, Wendt said.

A yearlong renovation underway at the more than 300-year-old house may or may not scare the ghosts away.

"The belief is that those spirits haunt the house," Wendt, 51, said. Read more

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