Saturday, March 12, 2011

Did a German Sub Make to Our Hollow Earth?

A letter from Karl Unger, a German crewman from the U-209 submarine, claims that the vessel made it to the hollow earth soon after World War II, says Rodney M. Cliff.
I first learned about German U Boats attempting to reach our hollow earth from a German living in Canada. The book I ordered was from Samisdat Publishers, Ltd, owned and operated by Ernst Zundel. He wrote a book about Hitler sending an expedition to Antarctica. I ordered his book. It was titled, Secret Nazi Polar Expeditions, published in 1978. It related how the Germans had taken a ship with a small airplane on it that they launched from their ship after reaching the ice near Antarctica. It flew over the ice to Antarctica and then back to the ship. But the book didn't say anything about the hollow earth.

Then in 2006 I received an email from Dianne Robbins, author of several books she has channeled from a person she says is Mikos that lives in the hollow earth.

The person Dianne emailed me about was Joe Watson of Talkeetna, Alaska, who had just contacted her saying that he had a copy of a letter written in the German language from a German submarine crewman named Karl Unger, that made it to our hollow earth soon after World War II. The submarine name was U-209 with Captain Heinrich Brodda.

Joe's original email to Diane was, Read more

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