Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Do Government UFO Documents Prove That Aliens Are Real?

The U.S. government has always denied that UFOs have anything to do with aliens, but do its own documents prove that it's lying?
The Government has always had a long-term position of denying knowledge of the existence of extraterrestrials here on Earth or otherwise. Because of the Freedom of Information Act though, it seems that they are lying and contradict themselves.

Over the last seventy years or so the Governments of the world have been investigating flying saucers, UFOs, and aliens visiting Earth and some of those investigations have turned up some interesting evidence.

Governments have always used national security as a way to cover-up information that they don't want the public privy to, but sometimes documents and evidence slip through the cracks and the public learns the truth.

If you would like to sift through more Government documents that deal with UFOs and aliens here you go. Read more

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