Monday, March 25, 2013

Honoring Your Ancestors

Brother Moloch explains why honoring your ancestors is important.
I think no subject is more misunderstood about the Occult & Religion than the Dead & one's Ancestors. I bring this up because over the past few months, people have come to me wanting Metaphysical & Spiritual Workings done but they fail to see the importance of dealing with their own Ancestral family.

Consistently I hear the same old excuse of, "Moloch, you have no idea how badly my family treated me! My Uncle X was a no good son-of-a-bitch!" or "My family on my father's side were worthless!" or "My mother treated me like shit & I don't want to venerate her!"

With excuses like this, it's no wonder folks are in a world of hurt. So what can you do to make them happy but keep your sanity? Read more

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